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Our interactive whiteboard lessons are designed by an experienced teacher with a passion for making education engaging for all children.


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Maintain your students’ enthusiasm towards learning and their attention with colourful and interesting lessons designed by Susan Burke!

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What Members Say

Susan Burke Interactive Lesson Design website is absolutely amazing! The resources are bright and engaging and very easy to use. In addition to this the customer support is highly professional. I particularly am impressed with how readily she upgrades and listens to what her customers want/need for their classrooms! A must subscription for all schools!! 
Ali Broadhouse,
As a primary teacher I love to provide an engaging and educational environment for my children. They all LOVE using the IWB but I NEVER find the time to learn all the tricks of Notebook nor the time to make interesting and worthwhile activities. I am thankful for the wonderful service that Susan Burke provides and I am in awe of her expertise in creating exciting and thoughtful lessons. My students love the lessons and constantly ask me when they can ‘ play that game again.’ Thanks Susan, you truly have an amazing talent!
Natalie Tayt, NSW
Natalie Tayt,
Well done Susan! I am thrilled as a primary school teacher so have access to ready to use, accurate, exciting, engaging and appropriate IWB lessons to use in the classroom. The students have loved the trial lessons we have used and have found them a fantastic & fun way to learn. Wonderful to have lessons created by a teacher who has such huge passion and knowledge of the curriculum. I will definitely be purchasing the premium subscription ASAP! Thank you Susan.
Rachel Fergusson,
I have to say, these resources are brilliant.  So simple yet engaging and appealing to kids of all grades.  I love that you have made them editable to suit our individual needs and curriculum linked, and there is no drama involved in downloading them to use on IWB, I have saved onto my thumb drive and are ready to access … a great resource for casual/ supply teachers and teachers in their first years of teaching.  Time is precious and your resources are definite time savers for me, I really like links to other interactive sites and online educational videos.  This would normally take me hours to prepare.  The great thing about your resources is the range available and I look forward to the launch of your website.  I will be one of the first to sign up and encourage others to do the same.
Nicola Tester,
Susan Burke Interactive Lessons Design- what an awesome website !! The Notebooks are engaging for all level of students. This site saves me loads of time to spend programming elsewhere and best of all it is affordable. I’m super impressed with the self correcting activities to use as Independent activities. Well done and thank you !
D. Geach, Assistant Principal,
As a busy teacher I often struggle to find the time to create meaningful and engaging IWB lessons for my class. Susan Burke Interactive Lesson Designs has not only given me some of my precious time back to focus on other important tasks, but has provided brilliant lessons which have kept my students engaged, happy and entertained! Now that I have access to her amazing interactive lessons I don’t think I can ever go back to my previous way of operating. Thank you so much, Susan!
Lisa Grech, ACT,